St Hilda’s Report – Great News for the Future

On Monday, I mentioned that I was speaking at the prestigious St Hilda’s College in Oxford.

The meeting was attended by 25 people ranging from undergraduates (80% female) to professors – all of whom were genuinely interested in the subject matter and all of whom treated the subject with respect. After speaking for about 25 minutes, I was asked a range of questions ranging from the ethics of screening on helplines, why is there such a lack of research, the range of abuse that men suffer and why there is a lack of support for them. I also went through some of the latest statistics on young people which show that one in every three teenage victims is male.

What was so good about the meeting was the fact that this was such an influential audience who will now, in whatever field they choose to take, when they think about domestic abuse or go into the sector, will recognise both female and male victims as equals.

I also received a lovely bunch of flowers from Caroline the organiser!

St Hilda's

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