Why does Minister of State, Norman Baker MP, deliberately choose to ignore male victims of domestic abuse

One the three key barriers that male victims face is institutional discrimination and discrimination by omission within the sociopolitical structure of the UK especially the statutory sector, albeit things are improving as shown by the NICE guidance. The other two barriers being lack of societal recognition and maleness.

A classic case of the first mentioned barrier can be seen in this debate in the House of Commons on Monday.

Robert Halfon MP initiated a debate about domestic abuse in his constituency and a colleague of his, Gareth Johnson MP, also supported. Both mentioned male and female victims.

In the response by Norman Baker, The Minister of State, Home Office, he did not mention men once.

He mentioned 1.2 million women are victims of domestic abuse per year but did not mention that 700, 000 men were also victims  every year. He also mentioned that 76 women died at the hands of their partner but again no mention of the 15 men. Even though as our 25 Key Facts_Feb 2014 (final) show, the data for men and women are in the same report, on the same page and in the same table.

He would of course been reading from a briefing note prepared by the Home Office civil servants so whoever prepared the briefing deliberately chose to ignore male victims and presumed that Robert Halfon was only going to talk about female victims.

Of course, Normal Baker could have challenged this or thought about it during the debate but he chose not to.

How can male victims receive the same recognition as female victims when the government minister, and his civil servants, responsible for this policy area deliberately ignore their very existence?

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  1. Another legislative body, equally as dismissive of the plight of male victims of domestic abuse, is the Welsh Assembly. It is now planning to produce legislation to stop domestic abuse against WOMEN. Assembly members seem quite happy to entirely ignore the 40% of domestic violence victims who are men.
    As for the provision of domestic violence refuges, male victims are again ignored. There is an urgent and immediate need for men’s refuges in Cardiff, Swansea and Newport but the Assembly has no such plans.
    Welsh Assembly grants to charities and organisations are also a cause for concern: 94% of the money granted goes to women’s charities and organisations and a mere 6% to men’s.

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