Busting the Domestic Abuse Myths #4: Domestic abuse is overwhelmingly committed against women by men.

A line not used so much now but it can still be found actively being used by organisations such as Paladin.

Why is it such a problem?

Firstly, as acknowledged by the government and increasingly the mainstream, 38% of victims of domestic abuse are male which means 62% of victims are women which cannot be said to be “overwhelming”.

Secondly, again it is used to marginalise male victims so that public policy, services and recognition is wholly geared to supporting female victims, and not all victims based on need.

Our friends at PARITY who after seeing the figure being consistently used and unchallenged three years ago complained to the UK Statistical Authority (Correspondence 1 and Correspondence 2) They said the phrase “overwhelmingly” could not be used by statutory agencies as the ratio between men and women could not be seen as being overwhelming. The Crown Prosecution Service had been using it for years beforehand which greatly damaged the cases of male victims and female perpetrators coming before the court.

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