ManKind Initiative calls on NICE to ensure quality standards are applied to male victims

The National Institute of Clinical Excellence produced a consultation on quality standards in the health service with regard to domestic abuse.

The ManKind Initiative’s response focussed on ensuring that  male victims were identified as an under-represented group  and therefore should be considered as a group under the Equality and Diversity sections of the standards.

The response is here: ManKind Submission



  1. Well done. This is important in the context of the concentration of funding and effort on female victims. In this context males are indeed the minority likely to be indirectly discriminated against by a guidance that excludes their needs. This is a clear case where the equality duty should mean specific efforts are made to highlight protected groups who may experience indirect discrimination through the operation of a guidance and therefore service delivery that does not highlight issues such as: Higher rates of underreporting and lack of proactive support (the two being related) as well as social norms minimising the impact on males.

  2. Freedom of Information Requests are a useful tool to follow up on this and other issues with public or publicly funded bodies. So as with the Uk Stats. Office’ a person can request the Impact Assessment for the Equality Duty and/or records of meetings or indeed “what is your guidance issues to staff about…” One could even put in a FOI request about “what happened about our letter ,who considered its content?”.
    It is frustrating sometimes that the majority of FOI requests actually received by public bodies are actually not about citizens finding out about how bodies function ans decide things but commercial requests for data in terms of business.
    Clearly male victims of DV or Domestic Abuse constantly run the risk of being ignored, yet the Equality Act applies to males as well as females. FOIs can be a means to remind public agencies to generate or look at information about men.

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